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About Us? It is not really about us, isn’t it? 

Yes! It is about you and you matters!

Loud Speaker and her ideology is conceived by a group of karaoke fanatics like you! Like you, we have travelled in search of the “best” karaoke joints and have ideas of how a karaoke should ideally be like. With these as our impetus, Loud Speaker Karaoke is born on the 08 August 2009 with her first outlet at Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru. Loud Speaker is wholesome and your heartland karaoke joint where you will find affordable rates, value-added services and a friendly crew always welcoming your arrival. The name 大嘴叭 exudes affections, inhibits formalities, and unlocks fun, all with the purpose to make you, our most valuable customers, croon ever so happily!

We, at Loud Speaker, are passionate in what we do and we are gathering momentum. We grow with your criticisms and glow with praises! Importantly, you made Loud Speaker possible and we grow with you. So, it is not really about us. It is about you too!